Why is NaN greater than any number?

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Question :

A practical example of this statement is:

parseInt(50) > parseInt('a');

When performing this operation on a console, for example, the result is false .
The actual code that brought me to this question looks like this:

variableB = parseInt(jQuery('some-element').html());
if(parseInt(variableA) > variableB)
     // Faça isso.
     // Faça outra coisa.

Sometimes some-element will not be filled with anything at all, causing the value of variableB to be NaN . But as some-element was not filled with anything, I would like it to be evaluated as if it had been filled with 0. That is, if variableA is a positive greater than 0, the comparison should return true .

Answer :

Based on the English SO question you ” copied ”

Edit –

Based on the English SO question you ” did there and here ”


NaN checks always give FALSE.

NaN is not greater than any number

NaN is not the same as any number

NaN is not less than any number

Only the Boolean check will be false.


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