what is the purpose of these functions prefixed by “msg_” in PHP?

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Question :

As I mentioned in my previous question about traffic lights , I came across a question regarding #, because when the response author quotes about Semaphores , he references that documentation link where we have several functions in PHP with the prefix msg_ .

I have the small impression that this refers to the message queues , but I wanted to confirm the utility of this in PHP, since the documentation is not very clear about the utilities of the functions.

Could anyone explain, for example, what are the purposes of these functions below?



Answer :

According to the documentation, within the set of specific functions for process control, this function library is intended to provide functionalities for working with System V IPC.

It is possible to manipulate message queues, traffic lights and shared memory through these functions.

Specifically speaking about functions with msg_ prefix, these are functions used to work with message queues, using IPC.

These functions are only available in Linux Operating System.

I made this gist as an example, but I’ll post a better example here soon.


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