What is the function of dragging the window to the corners of the screen?

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Question :

How do you call the function of clicking and dragging the title bar of the window to the corners of the screen, and they adjust themselves?

Example: when dragging the window in the right corner of the screen, it occupies 50% of the screen on the right, if it is higher or lower it is 25% of the screen, the same goes to the left, edge of the screen, the window maximizes, and if it is maximized, and drag to the middle of the screen, it exits maximized.

This function is native to windows, when I created my project, and had the title bar native windows, this function worked, now that I made a custom title bar, I lost this function, I did several searches and so far I know how to implement, maybe this function has a specific name, and to enable and disable this function in windows 10 is in “Settings” – > “System” – > “Multitasking” – > in the “Adjust” heading – > the “Arrange windows automatically by dragging them to the sides or corner of the screen”


Answer :

Look, I searched, and in gringa this is called Windows Snap Feature, in C #, they said

this.ResizeMode = System.Windows.ResizeMode.NoResize;


this.ResizeMode = System.Windows.ResizeMode.CanResizeWithGrip;

would only solve this “problem” in the application.
I gave example in C # because of the tag. I do not know if it will help, but at least the resource name is there.


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