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Question :

I’ve done some map integrations with the Google Maps API for JavaScript on some clients, so I’ve noticed that map types conforming to documentation of basic maps are as follows:

  • roadmap – Displays the default path map. This is the default map type.
  • satellite – Displays Google Earth satellite images.
  • hybrid – Displays a combination of normal and satellite views.
  • terrain – Displays a physical map based on terrain information.

In this site I found several companies that already have their 360º images in Google Maps, someone could give me an example of JavaScript code to integrate this 360 ° Tour of a company into a web page?

Thank you.


Answer :

I believe documentation has increased over Google Maps Street View. Now there are concrete examples in the documentation.

Here you can check out the main page on this topic in the documentation, and here for a concrete example.


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