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Question :

I want to create a stacked bar chart similar to the one below


        horiz = TRUE,
        cex.axis = 0.8,
        cex.names = 0.8,

But I can not add the text inside the bars. How to do this?


Answer :

To do this using barplot() and text() , you need to extract the x and y positions of each value you want to plot.

  • For the values of y, let’s use the value returned by the barplot
  • For the values of x, we have to place each value in the center of its bar. So the position is half the value + the values of the bars on the left.

I did only for the first two groups, because obviously the third one would not fit. But you can edit the x manually to choose a position that pleases you. I also removed the argument col since you did not put your definition, but just enter again.

Complete code:

dadosAQI <- structure(list(TMV = c(33.5621055191536, 15.6754220751383, 36.7551724422255, 16.3251895118863), TCF = c(65.562027434103, 83.015129105287, 62.0678120510301, 82.3751677678634), TCz = c(0.875867046743407, 1.30944881957463, 1.1770155067444, 1.29964272025029)), .Names = c("TMV", "TCF", "TCz"), row.names = c("430°C - 1°C/min", "430°C - 5°C/min", "530°C - 1°C/min", "530°C - 5°C/min"), class = "data.frame") 

bp <- barplot(t(dadosAQI), xlab="%", horiz = TRUE,
        cex.axis = 0.8, cex.names = 0.8, las=1) 

xpos <- c(dadosAQI[,1]/2, dadosAQI[,1] + dadosAQI[,2]/2)

text(x = xpos, y = bp, label = round(unlist(dadosAQI[,1:2]), 2)) #Temos que arredondar para não plotar várias casas decimais.



You can try doing this using ggplot2 . I made an example that you can try to adapt for your data:

1. Creating the database:

dados <- data.frame(
  nomes = c("A", "A", "B", "B"),
  tipo = c("C","D","C","D"),
  valor = c(10,5,10,5),
  posicao = c(12,7,12,7)

2. Chart:

ggplot(dados, aes(x = nomes, y = valor, fill = tipo)) + 
  geom_bar(stat = "identity") + 
  geom_text(aes(y = posicao, label = nomes), colour = "white") +

Note that the column heading in the database is the one that indicates the beginning of the text. In your case, you may need to adjust it manually.


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