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Question :

I’m using JPA and Hibernate 4.3.11 when running a simple application
To test the connection to Firebird 2.5 Hibernate is generating
A temporary table with the HT _ start.

created the Customer table and generated

create table HT_Cliente (id integer not null, hib_sess_id CHAR(36))

How do I disable this functionality in hibernate?


Answer :

Hibernate uses these HT_Tables as temporary tables to aid in operations such as delete and update.

In this post , the author explains that there is a problem with deletes and updates in cascade, to know which records need to be changed. It shows a native approach to solving the problem, and then explains that the creation of HT_Tables by Hibernate is the solution found by Hibernate for what is called bulk operations or operations on mass .

Because it is an approach used to ensure database integrity, I believe that this functionality can not be disabled, as is also stated in SOen .


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