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Question :

I want users to% direct from the browser to then pro server .

I found APIS that do this but all are paid and the costly licenses!

Can anyone present a solution? Even if the client has to install a plugin or something that outputs a scanner as if it were from a webcam

Here’s a fiddle that features something similar to what I want: fiddle image capture by browser (rolled in mozila)

                          Exemplo que fiz usando o Fiddle

This would be a solution that serves well and seems to be easier to achieve, but of course if there is a plugin that directly accesses the scanner

Answer :

There is no simple way to develop such a design! Only if you rely on the camera of a smartphone instead of a scanner actually said!

You will have problems with scanner drivers and even feature compatibility with certain browsers in a project of these.

If you choose to try to continue with this project by focusing on scanners, you should research technologies that would enable the use of the scanner on the website such as some script in Javascript, Python, PHP and etc, or pick up the smartphone camera that integration is much simpler.


Modern scanners have several features and provide APIs. Unfortunately, the APIs do not have a standard protocol because each manufacturer defines its own standard. To develop something like you want is gambiarra and even if you can, it can not last long. It may not even be used. A “big” and complex investment for something that may not be useful or return the investment due to the tendency that in the short or medium term the devices will be able to provide a univerval standard in their APIs.

However, this is personal opinion. To better understand, search for TWAIN-compliant devices: link

TWAIN is a NPO (Non profit organization), ie a non-profit organization. This is a strong attraction and motivates global acceptance.

If you really want to develop such a solution, the path is there because many manufacturers have already adopted it. But do not be fooled because the market changes overnight. It may happen that “tomorrow” will emerge a pattern that may be better accepted than TWAIN.

If you wait for an answer where you can copy and paste ready-made codes and see everything working without any effort, forget it. It is not a trivial task, and anyone who has already developed solutions will not provide it for free, even more in forums and question and answer sites.


I already had to do this and the only way I found it was by creating an activex component and installing it in the browser.

Because of the complexity, my client gave up this process and we opted for a simple upload field.

But the path is this, create an activex component in C # itself, install it in the browser then you get that process.

Good luck


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