Simple calculation between string and integer

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Question :

How to prevent this from happening?

asd = "10"


console.log(novo) // e ele me retorna 5

Being asd is a string and can not be debt and treated as integer.


Answer :

It’s a language feature, JavaScript is weakly typed .

You can check the type of your variables is actually a number before proceeding, if you want:

if (typeof(asd) == "number")
    novo = asd / 2;
    throw "Tipo inválido";

More details about this check: How do I tell if a variable is a Number type in JavaScript?

But this goes against the “spirit” of js. If you create a function that works with a numeric argument, a user can of course expect that if he passes a string, it will work.


You can always check whether the variable is an integer before dividing.
I leave here a Jsfiddle with the example:


What I’m doing is:

I have a regular expression that defines integers

var verifyInt = /d+/g; // Expressão regular

2- And with match check whether it is integer or not

if (asd.match(verifyInt) != null)


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