Should I add the .suo file to my source control?

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Question :

Visual Studio has a file with the .suo extension that records some project options. What is the purpose of this file and what options does it store?

Should this file be added to the project in TFS, SVN, or any other source control being used?


Answer :

This file stores settings and preferences that are set by user in Visual Studio.

About sending them to an SCM: It depends on your intent.

If you are in a project alone and you want to keep this file in version control to keep the same settings in two different environments, it seems normal to me. If you’re in a project with other people programming together, this does not feel like a good idea anymore.

Basically, this is it: keep the file in the source control if it is an individual project (or you want to force project developers to follow your Visual Studio settings). Otherwise, keep these files ignored.


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