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Question :

I’m using Laravel 5.3 and would like to use columns from two different tables related to foreign key:

For example:


Client table

id | nome   |  end_cep 
 1 | carlos |  69084555
 2 | Maria  |  69088555


Address table

   cep    | rua    
 69084555 | Rua grande vitória
 69088555 | Rua Programacao

I would like to make an inquiry

  SELECT id, nome, end_cep, e.rua FROM cliente, endereco e WHERE end_cep = e.cep


My Model

class Cliente extends Model

    public function cliente(){
        return $this->belongsTo('AppEndereco', 'end_cep','cep');


My controller

$objeto = Cliente::with('endereco')
                    ->select('id','nome','end_cep', 'rua')

But it’s getting as if the street column was unknown


SQLSTATE [42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column ‘street’ in ‘field

I’m new to Laravel

How could I solve this?


Answer :

Your select does not need to pass the names of the columns it has in the address table, in this case you are passing the rua column and it is not necessary.

Unselect the select and call the object as follows:


The address is returned as an object and so it should work there.


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