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Question :

I have DataGridView already with recovered data where the user selects an item. But because the items are numerous, I would like to allow the user to type over the DataGrid as the system “goes” to the item entered.

I do not know the correct name for this type of facility, but it’s very common in the widows environment itself. How do I apply this to DataGridView ?

Thank you.


Answer :

Add a field of type TextBox just above your DataGridView and add a handler for the event TextChanged and within this handler do as the code below, considering your needs:

var termo = (sender as TextBox).Text.ToLowerInvariant();
bool semTermo = String.IsNullOrEmpty(termo);

foreach (DataGridViewRow linha in dataGridView1.Rows)
    if ((linha.Cells[COL_NOME.Index].Value as string).ToLowerInvariant().Contains(termo) || semTermo)
        linha.Visible = true;
        linha.Visible = false;

In this example, when the field text changes lines that contain the value entered in the “Name” column, COL_NOME is the name of a column, they are displayed. If the term is empty, that is, the person has deleted it, it will display all lines.


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