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Question :

From trying so hard, I think I’ve misfigured something important, so I can not make the routes work.

In this image it appears that the form is as post sending to the LoginProfessional controller in the Logon action. I’m not using RenderBody to load this form of login, the idea is to use only the action of the controller without having to use view, since it is already in the correct place

Here it appears that there is an Action Logon on the LoginProfessional controller

Here the error and the URL

Routes file, the home page of the site usually comes in, but I want to access the LoginProfessional controller and after login, redirect to an area.


Answer :

The Controller is not /LoginProfissional/Logon . It is /Home/Logon .

Create a LoginProfissionalController or use the /Home/Logon route.


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