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Question :

I share the 3G of the Mobile with my android tablet when I am on the chartered bus. Here comes the question:

I would like to know if there is a possibility of using the NodeJs / Phonegap / Cordova development environment to develop on the tablet and emulate on the phone itself that I am sharing 3G?


Answer :

I do not know if I understand your question well, but if all your devices are on the same network (in this case connected to your phone’s 3g network) you can run the app using the command phonegap serve + phonegap app you can download it from the store apple or google, depending on your platform).

Here is a video showing a little of the phonegap app. Just look at the limitations that this feature offers.

There is no possibility to launch the app into a device directly without it being connected to the other via cable and that the device used for development has the manufacturer’s drivers.


Assembling a Tablet environment > Mobile is not trivial and I do not think it’s possible. You would have to install NODE on your device, that’s what complicates you since we do not have it available (I at least did not find anything on the internet).

Another problem is the IDE’s cloud that exists (eXo Plaform, codenvi, etc …) They can help a little, but they are very limited and I think they will not answer.

My opinion

Well, I’ll stress that this is my opinion: I do not really understand why you want to develop on a tablet, as they have few computing resources and have poor interface to work with. p>

If you really need so much mobility so I recommend buying an ultra-thin, developing systems on phones, tablets and gadgets, and something is still too limited to be nearly impossible.


As commented in the previous answer, unless your Tablet has Windows or Linux operating system can hardly create a development environment.

But there is an alternative, not the best way, but it can work.

You could create a very simple application in order to read the HTML / JavaScript / Images files of the memory card and not the WWW folder. That way your main application just check if in a folder of phone memory (or card) there are files, if so, you do the main application run them.

I know that this makes everything more complex, that the application stays with free code, that you will not be able to use external plugins, which will probably have to request / set the use of all possible permissions of the smartphone besides of course the fact that debugging the application will be much more complex. But if you really need something like this you can adapt the idea and develop something similar.


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