Jquery Cycle – One centralized slide and the other two partially appearing

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Question :

I need a slider that would have at least 3 slides, where the middle one would appear completely with the resolution and the other two sides would appear partially.

I’m using the Cycle2 link

I need it to work correctly in IE8 up.

I am trying to implement, but it is not working properly. The example is located at link . When I adjust the size of the window, the change does not go along, it stays as if it is static.

I tried to simplify as much as possible, I was using another plugin, but it did not work correctly in IE and I spent a lot of time trying to solve it, so I decided to use another plugin.


Answer :

As I need to deliver to today, I made another solution with Cycle2 and in IE 8 and 9 only one slide will appear, the rest will be empty even, it was the quickest way to visualize correctly … I’m already uploading in the air with the changes I made ….

In the browser debris I’m using the same BXslider


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