Is it recommended to use C # 6 in Visual Studio 2013?

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Question :

In Visual Studio 2015 I see that it is possible to define the C # version:

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However, in% w / o%, it is necessary to install a Visual Studio 2013 package via nuget with a “help” of Microsoft.Net.Compilers 1.0.0 it is possible to enable version 6 support of Resharper :


Answer :

We recommend using Visual Studio 2015. There is no other solution. And apparently it will not have. There are some gambiarras but it will be bad.

There is no way to use Visual Studio 2013 fully with C # 6. Of course you can use the new compiler with it, as you already know. You can do this without any IDE. But there is no support in the IDE, there is no help or no benefit at all. even with Resharper it will fall well short.

If you can use Visual Studio Community , just download and install. It’s pretty full, it does 99% of the stuff that 99% of users need and can be extended. 2015 is now available.


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