Is it possible to take advantage of the same WPF view for Desktop and Web?

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Question :

Dear, I’ve never programmed with WPF but I will soon have the opportunity and already thinking about the future, which is now, where desktop applications are / are being migrated to the web and, also thinking about those who are still reluctant against it, that if they are the clients, I want to make the system serve both the web and the desktop.

Trying to avoid code redundancy I ask you: Can you use the same view for desktop and the web? If not, how far can I go without having unnecessary code redundancies, or is the desktop really different for the web view?

Would you like to take the opportunity to ask if WPF runs at least in popular browsers such as IE, Firefox and Chrome? Also if it is multiplatform, for Linux and Mac OS?


Answer :

As it was not an answer, I preferred to comment, but here it goes:

I have not heard any WPF complaints in any browser yet. If you use Silverlight then you will surely have the peace of cross-browser compatibility natively.

As for migrating, this is becoming too personal, I at least find it more interesting to start new projects in WPF than to migrate, or if you migrate, as you said you have no experience in wpf, I suggest small projects so you do not come across a first monster . But there are people who prefer great challenges right away, so, as I said, it’s quite relative.

Finally, since you’re still learning, I think it’s worth taking a look in this example which shows the same system in windows forms and wpf.


There is no WPF for web and it will never exist. Web is web, if it is not using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, it is not web. Not even Silverlight is web as well as Flash. Turning on a browser does not mean it’s web.

If you want to run WPF in a browser, prepare to use only Internet Explorer, obviously only in Windows. As far as I know, not even Microsoft Edge that replaced IE can run WPF. And it’s not any Windows that will run, it needs to have a .Net installed and upgraded. That is, forget it.

Want to do something for the desktop, do it with WPF, Windows Forms or WinRT. Do not fall for marketing. If you are going to do something for the web use the standard technologies mentioned above. It’s no use trying to take advantage of it.

And desktop applications are not being migrated to the web, unless you like fads. There are new applications or at least new web clients for applications when they are relevant and necessary.


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