Is it possible to keep a branch with pending changes in Git?

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Question :

Imagine that I have in the master branch a commit of a texte.txt file. So I create a branch called teste2 , I checkout it and create a file called teste2.txt , but I do not commit it.

If I give git checkout master and check git status , it considers the changes (in this case the creation of teste2.txt ) as belonging to the master branch, even though I made those changes when it was in the teste2 branch %.

Is there a way to keep these changes in branch teste2 without having to commit? Because I may not want to commit, if I have not yet completed what I’m implementing.


Answer :

It is only possible to have pending changes in the branch that is currently being used.

When you have pending changes, and if you want to change branches, it is customary to save the changes in a stash .

For example, using the use case in question, if we are in branch teste2 , we can save the changes in a stash like this:

git stash                                //stash anonima    
git stash save "adicionado teste2.txt"   //stash com nome

Now, we can switch to the master branch and work on other files.

git checkout master

When we return to the teste2 branch, just apply the stash again to restore the initial state:

git checkout teste2
git stash list                           //ver lista das stashes

git stash apply                          //aplica a ultima stash que foi gravada
git stash apply stash@{0}                //aplica a stash no index 0
git stash apply stash^{/adicionado}      //aplica uma stash especifica (pesquisa por regex)

Note: When apply , the stash is still stored in the stack. If we want to apply and to delete the stash, we use git stash pop . We can also use git stash list to list all stashes currently in the stack.

Git stash man page .


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