Is ASMX web service obsolete?

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Question :

I came across the need to consume an ASMX Web Service. So far I had just consumed RESTful APIs. I noticed that the same is quite different from a RESTful API, for example.

Given the way it’s set up, it looks like it’s already been set aside, which is quite old.

Is it recommended to use an ASMX Web Service? Does anyone still use it to create a Web Service from scratch?


Answer :

Define obsolete.

If you consider that it’s used for Classic ASP.NET, with WebForms and stuff like that, we can say yes.

But it is still considered a valid and supported component in .NET. You can use it.

The question is whether it should. There are no updates on top of it, and there is a general, not exactly official, recommendation not to use it anymore.

Anyone who has a large base using it may have some gain maintaining continuity. If you’re going to just consume what already exists, it might be interesting.

If there is little and it is easy to convert I think I would of Web API using ASP.NET Core. Only you can judge whether you compensate for the effort. The gain will not be great in use, perhaps more organization in development, or scale.


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