Internet Explorer in compatibility mode for Intranet sites – How to force to always render as Edge?

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Question :

I have a site that I make available to internal users on an intranet for approval.

However, users who tested with Internet Explorer 11 had the site rendered in “Compatibility View” because Internet Explorer verifies that the site is on the Intranet and by default is configured to render in this compatibility mode. I understand that this mode is more appropriate for older sites, in case IE renders it compatible with IE7!

I know you can change this setting in Internet Explorer, under Settings – > Compatibility View Settings by deselecting the “View Intranet Sites in Compatibility View” option, as shown below:

OrIcanchangethemodeby”F12 Developer Tools”, as shown below:

Butthequestionis:”How do I force the page to always be displayed in Edge mode, or the most recent one?”


Answer :

Place the following meta tag , shortly after tag <title> :

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=Edge" />



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