How to remove this automatic slide from blog posts?

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I want to take this slide out of the posts, but if I remove some tag from the scripts, related to the slide images, all the photos are gone … I reduced the blog as much as I could and all the javascripts present when they were removed they modify the slide …

Only the problem is not just this .. If you click to read the full post summer I colored a part of the post, and it’s all structured in a different way (and in the case the way I want it ), but the automatic summary modifies the post and places the automatic slide. If I delete this part of the code for example:

expr:id=’"summary" +’ style=’display:none;’

The post is the way I want it to be and gives it original shape, so to speak … But in doing so I would be losing ‘Read More’ .. And I’ve tried adding it separately but never it works because it’s already in the javascript, and if I remove it everything it contains inside the posts will disappear …

There are some parts of the javascript that by removing it from the slide up to, but the photos are all large and the text gets formatted the way javascript does and does not give way that I edited … Like this one:

// Homepage Slider and Gallery Slider
    lazyLoad: 'ondemand',
    slidesToShow: 1,
    slidesToScroll: 1,
    autoplay: true,
    autoplaySpeed: 5000,
    prevArrow: '<button type="button" class="slick-nav slick-prev"><i class="fa fa-angle-left"></i></button>',
    nextArrow: '<button type="button" class="slick-nav slick-next"><i class="fa fa-angle-right"></i></button>'

I took element by element of the javascript but instead of removing one thing, it erases everything … And some do not even happen at all. And I’m bound by hands … Help me please, give me a light, a tip, anything … I’m trying to days, and nothing I do helps me come to a conclusion. Can I remove the slide from the posts …? if not, is there any way I can remove this ‘read more’ and add it to another template without it?


As I know I may not have explained it right … I will summarize a bit … I do not want to have the slide and even if the text is formatted the way javascript does, I want the text to stay just like when I clicked ‘Read More’, but I want it to happen before the read more is clicked.


Answer :

For the ‘slick’ function to exist in your script, you needed to reference a script that is a plugin for slides. So one of the things you will do is remove the reference of this plugin from your page, to avoid leaving the heavier page atoa. Then you will remove all of that code that you pasted in the description below // Homepage Slider and Gallery Slider.

Generally these plugins work with a list of images marked invisible in style and then the plugin is changing its visibility at runtime. If this is the case, you will get the images inside the tag that the class is ‘post-gallery’ and remove the styles that make them invisible.


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