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Question :

I’m trying to put my ASP.NET application in the air, and I’ve never had contact with it, do I need to turn my .CSHTML into .HTML? Or something like that?


Answer :

By extension of the file I can see that the structure is of a MVC C # , all you need is a Windows hosting with Net Framework support.

As our friend above said, .cshtml has not only HTML it is compiled on the server and as a result the client accessing it is rendering.

Submission of the site is done through Deploy or FTP , there are other options but as it comes to hosting these are very likely to be these options, the build of the project this publication is made with Visual Studio .

But keep in mind that your hosting should be from the Windows (IIS) platform.

This Microsoft article should help you


With the new .NET version, .NET Core. Now supporting multiple platforms (Windows, Linux and OSx) I will leave the Microsoft documentation helping deploy ASP.NET applications in the Linux environment.

Other platforms also available in the documentation.

Publish to a Linux Production Environment


Sabatinando the author of the question, I discovered that the hosting plan is Linux, which (so far) does not support a server that runs ASP.NET MVC properly.

Use Azure on a free instance to host your site for now.



Simple and direct response: No.

The .cshtml extension is used by the ASP.NET View Engine Razor , which may contain code besides HTML, but in the end it is rendered pure HTML.

+ info: link


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