How to improve the viewing of log files?

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Question :

I’m trying to analyze some log files generated in Linux and I’ve noticed that it’s very annoying to understand where a line is starting / ending.

I would like to know if there is any kind of command or tools for better visualization of logs.

Example of a boring log generated by Mysql, seen from the command line:

Does anyone know how to report some tool for better visualization / monitoring of logs?


Answer :

Actually analyzing logs is a very boring task, but depending on the context you can use some tools such as pipe ( | ) followed by grep , for example, let’s say you want to “inspect” syslog for events generated by the kdeconnect application, then it would go into the logs directory and:

$ tail -n 30 syslog | grep kdeconnect

Jun 20 16:23:22 sidon-pc-linux org.kde.kdeconnect[1986]: kdeconnect.plugin.battery: Deleting stale BatteryDbusInterface for "Asus ZenFone 5"
Jun 20 16:23:22 sidon-pc-linux org.kde.kdeconnect[1986]: kdeconnect.plugin.sftp: add to dolphin


If you like something more oriented towards GUI, you can use multital. See screenshots .


Another good option (for ubuntu users, already in the repositories), is glogg, see the screens.


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