How to change the / wp-admin / directory of WordPress? and how do I change the WordPress admin URLs?

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Question :

I would like to change the name of the /wp-admin/ directory to eg /admin/ in WordPress, but I have no idea how to do it in the right way. I see that this kind of change is not very common.

I would also like to change some WordPress URLs that are in English and pass them to Portuguese.



To create a new Post:


To create a new Page:

These are some examples.

The correct one would be:


To create a new Post:


To create a new Page:

I wanted some solution that would allow me such functionality, preferably Plugins .


Answer :

Very interesting plugin recommended by @moraleida , has a face of must use .
I’ve been analyzing the code and interface, and I see that there is a limitation: it only hides the /wp-admin URL and the login and registration URLs for visitors who are not logged in . Once logged in, the user navigates to the /wp-admin links normally.

From everything I’ve read in WordPress Developers and no

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