How to change the type of the persisted class in an inherited model using the EntityFramework

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Question :

I have the following inheritance classes schema, as an example:

public class Veiculo
    public int Id { set; get; }
    public string Descricao { set; get; }

public class Moto : Veiculo { }

public class Carro : Veiculo { }

That generates the database with the Veiculo table and the columns Id , Descricao and Discriminator .

I have a record that its Discriminator field is set to Moto . That is, when I registered this record I did this using a Moto reference.

How do I transfer this record from type Moto to Carro ?


Answer :

Momentarily I solved it manually.

var sql = " Update Veiculo Set Discriminator = @Tipo Where Id = @Id ";

    new SqlParameter("Tipo", "Carro"),
    new SqlParameter("Id", moto.Id));


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