How to avoid the “zend_mm_heap corrupted” error?

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Question :

In my day-to-day PHP development and release delivery, I get the following error when a build is done in our continuous integration environment:

zend_mm_heap corrupted

This is a fatal error, which crashes the deploy script and I have to build the build again.

What is this error about, and how can I avoid it?

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Answer :

I do not understand much about the subject, but looking at the SOEN , I decided to bring a translation, to see if I can help anyone.

Possible solutions:

Increase output buffering

According to the questioner’s own answer in the SOEN , he set php.ini , increasing the size of output_buffering . When asked about “what the output buffer has to do with it,” he justified himself using this response ; / p>

Configure USE_ZEND_ALLOC :

According to one of the answers in the above English question, the problem was solved by using the command in bash :


A suggestion to set this variable in the /etc/apache2/envvars file was given in a SOEN response comment

Disable opcache :

According to one of the answers, by disabling opcache , the problem has been solved:



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