How to access a pointer inside a structure?

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Question :

I need to know how to access the first position of the vector of pointers * c_parte_real, as shown below:

typedef struct{

   struct char_vector{
      char *c_parte_real[2], *c_parte_imag[2];

   struct int_vector{
      int *i_parte_real[2], *i_parte_imag[2];

   struct complex_num{
      float real1,real2,imag1,imag2;



Answer :

I made a simplified to make it clearer, I created a variable to receive the position value

#include "stdio.h"

int main(void) {

typedef struct char_vector{
char *c_parte_real[2], *c_parte_imag[2];

char  a,b;//variƔvel que recebe o valor
c_vector x;

a = x.c_parte_real[0];

b = x.c_parte_real[1];

printf("a=%cn",a);//imprime na tela
printf("b=%cn",b);//imprime na tela

return 0;

test no: link


Assuming you declare a variable x , of type expressao_complexa , access can be done directly:

expressao_complexa x;

// atribui um valor
x.c_vector.c_parte_real[0] = "1.0"; 

// imprime o valor atribuĆ­do
printf("%sn", x.c_vector.c_parte_real[0]); 


The above answers are correct, but, your code is wrong, you can not declare structures within structure declarations. What you can do is have structures as components of structure declarations.


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