Error trying to observe the contents of a variable or property of an object in the VS 2013 debugger

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Question :

On almost every time I try to observe the contents of a variable or property of an object, I get the following error:


Function evaluation disabled because a previous function evaluation timed out. You must continue execution to reenable function evaluation.

This was not the case in VS210 or VS2012, at least not until the last update patch.

The question is. Is there any configuration, or application setting for Debugger Watcher to work properly again?


Answer :

I had the opportunity to experience this warning on VS2010 as well. In fact, it can appear whenever the content you are inspecting takes a long time to suffer Eval .

For debugging purposes, Eval is equivalent to thread-hijacking observed by the debugger, which then allows you not only to access the contents of the thread but also to manipulate it (for example, by running code directly in Debug CLI).

The main problem with this technique is that, in order to freeze the state of the application, the debugger stops all other threads. The obvious problem occurs if the observed thread tries to interact with some of the frozen threads.

If this is the case, resolution of your issue will depend on how your code was implemented.


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