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Question :

I have a function


I have a $pesquisa variable that is getting the following value: '2015-10-05','2015-10-01' , with single quotation marks.

It turns out that the way it, when it arrives at function

  if(isset($_GET["acao"]) && $_GET["acao"] == "listaArr") {

      $pesquisa = (isset($_POST["dataIni"])) ? "'".$PhpUtil->formataData($_POST["dataFim"])."','".$PhpUtil->formataData($_POST["dataIni"])."'" : "'',''";

print "<pre>";                                  
print "</pre>";                                 

      $arrecadacaoDia = $rel->pesquisaPagamentos($pesquisa);

I try to print the value of the first parameter and it comes with the integer value of the $ search variable, that is: '2015-10-05','2015-10-01' . The second parameter of the function receives an empty value.


Answer :

To receive two or more arguments in function, you need to change your signature first.

function pesquisaPagamentos($pesquisa){


function pesquisaPagamentos($datainicio, $datafim){

The call should be made this way

pesquisaPagamentos('2015-09-01', '2015-10-05');
pesquisaPagamentos($data1, $data2);

It’s no use passing a string separated by a comma, the function will understand that this is just an argument.

Invalid call


It is also possible to have two parameters and pass only one value to the function, as long as the second parameter has a default value.

function pesquisaPagamentos($datainicio, $datafim='2015-12-31'){



Since php5.6 there is a ... operator that defines multiple parameters for a function, it basically does func_get_args

Example – ideone

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Make it separate:

$pesquisa_data_inicio = "2015-01-02"; 
$pesquisa_data_final = "2015-02-02"; 
pesquisaPagamentos($pesquisa_data_inicio, $pesquisa_data_final) 


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