Entitiy framework for JAVA?

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Question :

Good night guys, I’m new to programming. So, I’ve been looking at some articles and watching videos about the Entity Framework for C #, I wonder if there are any frameworks in Java that do the same or similar function in relation to CRUD?


Answer :

What you are looking for is an ORM , Object-Relational Mapping , so these frameworks are called to map and facilitate access to entities of the bank through class models.

Here is a great question with great answers talking about ORM: #

Well, the ORM maybe best known for Java might be Hibernate , which even has a version for .NET called NHibernate , which is “concurrent” to% with%.

You can download and view the documentation on the link

If you want a tutorial with example configuration and code, here’s a good one to get you started: netbeans.org/hibernate


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