Doughnut Kind chart with multiple series

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Question :

I’m using Angular Charts to plot a Donut chart; my code is structured as follows:

$ = [
['abc', 'def'],
['fgh', 'ijk'],
$scope.labels = ['Ask', 'Bid'];
$socpe.series = ['Volume Ask', 'Volume Bid'];
$scope.color = ['#66ff33', '#ffff00'];

The code above results in something like the following image:


As you can see, the code is assigning one color per series and what I need is a graphic with two colors per series.

Does anyone know if it’s possible to create something like this using Angular Charts?



Answer :

The solution is in the following code:

 $scope.datasetOverride = [{
  fill: true,
  backgroundColor: [
}, {
  fill: true,
  backgroundColor: [


Answered in: link


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