Does NetBeans support Django?

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Question :

I installed NetBeans and the python plugins .

Everything worked fine, but I found the one that did not happen. This plugin alone would already support Django.

I saw on this blog the author saying that I like NetBeans also for Django, but the link it gives is broken (the post is 2009, the version was different, that explains).

The only thing I could find from Django to NetBeans was this project , but it seems to be just a project abandoned, without any support, and has no reference on how to use it.

In fact, does NetBeans support Django? If so, can anyone help me with how to proceed?


Answer :

I apologize in advance – I will not answer your question. But I’ll put some questions back:

Why do you need an “IDE for Django”? Who uses Python the longest, emg eral does not use an IDE or language – in Python, things are more concise and a special IDE for every little thing you’re going to do is not that much-needed.

If instead of looking for IDE plug-ins, then learning how NEtBeans works, how Netbeans works with Python, and how NetBeans works with Python with Django, you go into Python documentation
( link , link ) and the Django documentation
( link , and has a tutorial in Portuguese at link ) – will be able to learn the part that really matters, and not stay depending on specific tools.

Django, like other more complex frameworks in other languages, depends on a not-so-small set of files for the project to exist. But unlike frameworks in Java for example, the creation of these basic files does not depend on them being created by a specific IDE: the framework itself has commands to create new projects, and initialize the configuration files, view folders and etc …

Or have you ever imagined a writer needing a “Bic pen” to write, otherwise you do not write?


As the link you posted , Netbeans does not officially support Python, that is, support for that language is maintained by the community.


This project is a community driven effort. Oracle does not actively participate in or directly support this effort.

I also did not find anything related to Django to work with Netbeans, otherwise you can use Visual Studio Community along with the Python Tools for Visual Studio >, which supports Django.

In my opinion Visual Studio is much more IDE than Netbeans:)

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