Do not send Push to users who no longer have the app?

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Question :

I have a GSM PUSH panel and it happens that when the user installs the app I record his id to send future notifications.

But after it uninstalls I continue with the ID of it saved in the database and whenever I run my routine, it sends the push to those users even without having the app installed.

The problem is that I already have thousands of id’s and is now taking more and more time to send.

Is it possible to know who does not have the app installed anymore and put a flag in the database so it will not be sent anymore?

JSon return example:



Answer :

William, good morning

This answer I’m giving you is only logical, as I have not worked with push (yet rs)

You said that the return does not come with the ID, nor do you have to!
You have the Ids in the time you send, just mount a routine that monitors the sending and receiving status.

If you’ve sent it to the XXX999 device, you do not need this ID to be returned because you already know who you sent it to, just monitor the status!


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