Convert string array to string in VB

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Question :

I need to use SPLIT on a lot of data, but I need to convert the array string to string.

I’m putting String () to get the string array variable, but VS keeps telling me that one-dimensional array can not be converted to string.

Can anyone help me?


Answer :

You can use the String.Join method that you expect a separator, and parameters to concatenate and return a string (a collection in general). Example:

Dim result as String = String.Join("", array)


Catharina is not very clear about the situation you have, so it is difficult to give a categorical answer.

To concatenate items in an array in a single String, without tabs, you can use the # a>

To concatenate items in an array into a single string, including a separator string, the method, already indicated by others, is Join ()

To complete with items in an array a preformatted string, the preferred method is p>

Now you mentioned that you need to use SPLIT and I did not understand it, because #

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