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Question :

I would like to know how to generate a PDF file using a string with binary values, the values should actually turn a text (according to the ASCII table) and be written to PDF. p>

I tried to do this but did not succeed:

string teste = "010001010101111001111111";
byte[] bytes = System.Text.Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(teste);

File.WriteAllBytes(@"C:/teste.pdf", bytes); 

What’s wrong with the code? The PDF is created but nothing is written on it, it does not even open.


Answer :

Redirect the bytes of% binary%:

public Byte[] GetBytesFromBinaryString(String binary)
  var list = new List<Byte>();

  for (int i = 0; i < binary.Length; i += 8)
    String t = binary.Substring(i, 8);

    list.Add(Convert.ToByte(t, 2));

  return list.ToArray();

byte[] bytes = GetBytesFromBinaryString("010001010101111001111111");

Finally write the PDF:

File.WriteAllBytes(@"C:/teste.pdf", bytes);

Response based on this answer .


One of the new features in C # 7.0 is binary literals . With it, the solution to this case would be simpler:

var bytes = 0b0100_0101_0101_1110_0111_1111;

File.WriteAllBytes(@"C:/teste.pdf", bytes); 

Reference: link


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