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Question :

I’m trying to get an app into Playstore, but the following error appears:
“You must use a different package name, because” com.example “is restricted.”

What happens is that I have already changed the name of the package and the same error continues.

Here’s a code print:

Initiallythepackagehadthename”com.example …” and I changed it to “test.example …”. And I made the rename in all the code. But in the image, on line 3, the change did not happen and if you change manually, it starts to give code error. How can I resolve this?


Answer :

I solved the problem as follows:

  • I opened a file with notepad ++
  • I searched all files for “com.example” and replaced with another name
  • I made save changes and it worked
  • You need to change the “package” in Manifest.

    If you are in Eclipse I recommend doing the following:

  • Right click on the project
  • Android Tools
  • Rename Application Package
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