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Question :

I have a site where content creation is dynamic and the user can choose the color to be used in components, but I need it to see the update in real time, so I need the class to be changed with the required value and that the added elements also win this change.

I have a class in my CSS as follows:

<style type="text/css">
        background: red;

How do I change the background of this class dynamically so that all elements receive the new value of background and the next elements to be created already come with this element?


Answer :

If you have CSS inside HTML you can do so:

var style = $('style').text();
var newStyle = '.color {color: red; }';


The $('style') selector will search for <style> and change its contents. Note that this method can be “brute force”, so I suggest you have only the minimum required in HTML


Just complementing Sergio’s response, if you do not use the style tag in your HTML, you can do it as follows:

    var style = $('style').text();
    var newStyle = '.color {color: red; }';
    $( "<style>.color {background-color : red}</style>" ).appendTo( "head" )

So you can put your initial%% of your initial% of your HTML.


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