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Question :

I’m building PDF’s, and I need to print a string with special characters. For this I am constructing the string as follows (using iTextSharp ):

PdfPCell teste = new PdfPCell(new Phrase("<O meu texto> 'u20ac'", fontetexto));

Now what matters, my string is "<O meu texto> 'u20ac'" , where 'u20ac' has . I just want to print a password type point, as the following image shows:

I’m tired of looking for lists with special characters for C # / ASP MVC and I can not find any characters like / , [, ] for example. How can I build the string with special characters?


Answer :

It may be better to reformulate your code

Take a look at this class:


With it you have exactly what you want.

See the example:

it.List list = new it.List(it.List.UNORDERED, 10f);
list.IndentationLeft = 30f;
list.Add(new it.ListItem("One"));



PdfPCell teste = new PdfPCell(new Phrase("<O meu texto>" + ((char)0x20AC).ToString(), fontetexto));


The special character of this point you want is U+25CF , that is:

PdfPCell teste = new PdfPCell(new Phrase(((char)0x25CF).ToString() + " <O meu texto>", fontetexto));


A String is nothing more than a Char Array:

char[] caracteres = {'0x20AC', '0x20AC', '0x20AC'};
string palavra = new string(caracteres);


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