ASP Classic runs on ASP.NET server?

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Question :

I have a whole site made in Classic ASP and hosted by a provider.

My client – who is a multinational – wants to put their website inside the company’s global server and the directive that came from outside says the server runs ASP.NET.

My question is:

Can I run my site (in Classic ASP) directly on their server (which runs ASP.NET)? Or is it necessary to adjust the server?

As far as I know, Classic ASP and ASP.NET run on Windows. Basically my question is, if once running ASP.NET can I confirm that Classic ASP will run as well? Or is it not guaranteed?

Because my fear is that as it is a global support – and not guaranteed to run – they refuse to make the adjustments to run by claiming anything.


Answer :

Yes, it is possible, because there is no ASP or ASP.Net server, there is the HTTP server that has the capability to run these technologies. In case, it’s Windows, right? Then IIS must be running. It has the ability to rotate the two. Of course you will eventually have to do the configuration correctly to support the way you need it, but the pattern will probably already roll.

Of course just seeing how it is. There are those who disable anything unnecessary, and mainly legacy technologies, as is the case of ASP. This is done for a good reason, and I would see with favor that they refused to qualify because of their specific need. Nothing against you, of course 🙂 But security and simplicity should come sooner.

If you need to run some extra components to give more functionality, they will need to be installed on that server. This is common. Will they do what you need if needed?

Will you have access to the server? Can you do what you need?

If you need specific information, post new questions here on the site that we help. There is no way to give an answer that says everything to do, without even knowing if it will be relevant.

It is difficult to answer this type of question better, since it depends a lot on the environment. I told you that it works. But it might not work depending on the configuration that is there.


IIS natively supports both environments and generally the hosting services and system administrators ASP Clássico enabled feature however, it is not a premise.

If the functionality is not enabled and you do not have access to the server settings, I believe that a brief ticket for those responsible for the infrastructure will solve your problem.

Here is the procedure to enable pages in ASP Clássico in IIS 6.0 or higher:



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