After ajax action, data is not saved in the mysql database

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Question :

I am capturing latitude and longitude through the Cordova plugin, and after that I store it in two variables and then, through an ajax request, I transfer these values to a PHP script where I am saving the data to a table called a map. The problem is that it runs the ajax code, returns success information, nothing else in the database is saved … I can not find the error.



$latitude = $_GET['tlatit'];
$longitude = $_GET['tlongt'];

$SQL = "INSERT INTO mapa (lat, lng) VALUES ('$tlati','$tlong')";

$re = mysql_query($SQL, $serve);


$('#btn_finaliza').on('click', function(){

        var Cap = function(position){
            var coord = position.coords;
            var tlatit = position.coords.latitude;
            var tlongt = position.coords.longitude;
            $tlati = $('tlatit');
            $tlong = $('tlongt');
                            type: "get",
                            url: $server+"/conecta.php",
                            data: "latitude="+$tlati+"&longitude="+$tlong+"&acao=btn_finaliza",
                            success: function(data) {
                                intel.xdk.notification.alert('Problema cadastrado', '', 'ok'); 




Answer :

You should get php by the same names as you sent by js, $_GET['latitude'] and $_GET['longitude']

data: "latitude="+$tlati+"&longitude="+$tlong+"&acao=btn_finaliza

change to:

$latitude = $_GET['latitude'];
$longitude = $_GET['longitude'];

$SQL = "INSERT INTO mapa (lat, lng) VALUES ('$tlati','$tlong')";
mysql_query($SQL, $serve) or die(mysql_error());

Do not use the mysql_ * functions already removed in php7, prefer MySQLi or PDO.

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After cerning the syntax of the code, I discovered the error …
I was missing a _ in the php code. Was


More should be:


After the fix, the code worked and the data was saved to the database as expected.
Thanks for the help and I’ll follow the recommendations!


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